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Dynavap Spinning Mouthpiece-White Pearlescent/Aqua Green Luminescent


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Dynavap Spinning Mouthpiece-White Pearlescent/Aqua Green Luminescent                                                                                                                                           White/Aqua Green Luminescent Spinning Mouthpiece 

This spinning mouthpiece is made from solid resin(acrylic) that is pearl/metallic white and is luminescent as well, glowing aqua green in the dark. As part of our new line of mouthpieces this acts as a replacement or upgrade to your current stem setup. It operates in the same way as the factory wooden mouthpieces you get from Dynavap. This piece is done in a sleek white resin along with  precision drilled holes added to fit the condensers/o-rings perfectly. Sides are fully concave and tapered.

Spinning Mouthpiece Exact Specs                                                                                             Overall length: Appx.  18mm                                                                                                      Closed off end:  11mm                                                                                                                    Open end:  10mm

Installation Instructions

  • Remove o-rings from condenser
  • Slide new mouthpiece towards the center of condenser
  • Install smaller o-ring to the far end of the condenser aligning with the grooves for the o-ring.
  • Slide mouthpiece all the way to the smaller o-ring
  • Then slide larger o-ring up to meet the large end of the mouthpiece, making sure to align o-ring with grooves on the condenser
  • Then install condenser with mouthpiece installed into the open end of your stem
  • Note: Adding a very small amount of our stem wax(or all natural wax of your choosing) to the o-rings is highly recommended for ease of installation and removal. As well as adding to the longevity of your o-rings.

* This order will Only contain the spinning mouthpiece. Condensers, o-rings, tip and stem sold separately here from us and the Dynavap website.

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Dimensions6 × 4 × 1 in

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