About Dovetail Woodwork

Announcement: We’ve created this new website with the Dynavap community in mind. For anyone coming to this site for the first time and wanting info on our company as well as our reputation for making quality pieces….please feel free to check out our Etsy shop where you can see some custom pieces we’ve created as well as reviews from our previous customers! You can message me here via email or by messaging me through Etsy. Thanks! http://dovetailwoodwork.etsy.com

My name is Tim and I’m the owner of Dovetail Woodwork. As a woodworker I’m all about creating unique pieces that people can enjoy for years. From our shop in TN we primarily create items made from a variety of burl, exotic and domestic woods. With these woods we then add amazing color by combining them with resins. Taking awesome colors in resins and fusing them with highly figured wood grains is what we do. From there, depending on the item, we add high grade stainless steel to create a product that provides precision and resistance to outside elements. The pieces we create take time, precision and only use quality materials. All these attributes are reflected in our pricing while still trying to offer fair value to the people buying from us. Along with our ready to ship pre-made items we have taken a lot of time to provide people with a variety of custom options so you can truly make that unique piece that you’ve dreamed up. This gives you the ability to set the parameters for how you want your piece to be made while still giving us the artistic freedom to make something that’s truly special to you. We also create blanks for woodturners and makers for those with the skill to create the same items we do or for those wanting to get into woodturning. As well as those who make their own special items. We will be adding these items to our inventory soon. Everything in our shop is hand crafted. We do not have cookie cutter machines that make thousands of these in minutes. Each piece is made by hand and unique. No two pieces are identical. The has the upside to knowing everything created here has been thoroughly looked over. The only downside is it takes additional time to do things this way.

I love hearing from you guys and no question is too trivial. Please reach out to me via email with any questions or ideas you have for creating something thats truly special to you or something you want to gift to someone you care about.

I do ship internationally and stand behind all my work.

Dovetail Woodwork