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Luminescent Cosmic Burl Dynavap Stash Case


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 Luminescent Dynavap Storage Case Tri-Dyed Cottonwood Burl

This case is capable of storing the standard size “M” series, “Omni” series as well as the newer BB3 Dynavaps. As well as the size equivalent Simrell stems.

This piece is made from dye stabilized elm burl, poplar burl and color dyed resin.

Burl wood is dye stabilized to bring out the warm, rich tones of dark and light burl grain patterns. Case body has been dyed with black and orange tones and the natural occurring colors in the poplar burl lid. Resin colors of translucent, fluorescent yellow that glows bright green for the base color. Then swirls of light metallic blue and black have been added. It is luminescent and will glow in the dark!

This is a case primarily used for storing a pipe or vape. This one was designed around the Dynavap models. It has a pipe hole and a stash hole. The pipe side is spring loaded so your piece will come up when lid is opened for easy accessibility. The stash compartment is double wide for extra storage space.

The lid operates by turning either direction and will always stay snug. In case you want a tighter feel with the lid, simply turn the lid screw 1/32″ clockwise to tighten it up till your satisfied with the feel.

Like every piece that comes out of our shop, its made from burl wood that has been fully stabilized and cured making it very dense. Much harder than soft woods, along with only high quality resins.

This is a case “dugout” only.   Does NOT include a pipe.

*Outer Case Dimensions
5 & 1/4″ (Height)
2 & 1/8″ (Width)
3/4″ (Thickness)

* Inner hole dimensions
-Pipe Hole
1/2″ diameter
Appx. 100mm including the stainless steel spring and disk plate.

*Stash hole
1/2″ × 3/4″ diameter
2 & 3/4″ depth

* The magnet on the side of the case for holding your dynavap and removing cap when needed is a high strength magnet made specific to work with your dynavap vapcap.

This case fits any standard size Dynavap perfectly. Vape compartment is 13mm in diameter. This case will also fit the BB3 series Dynavaps and standard size Simrell vapes.

The case in the photo is the exact one you will receive with this purchase.

Sample container of DW Wood Wax is included with this case.

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