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Dynavap Coffin Case-Maple Burl Hybrid


Sold out!

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Dynavap Coffin Case-Maple Burl Hybrid                                                                    Dynavap Storage/Stem Display/Loading Station

This is our newly designed coffin case. This case is for storing a single Dynavap stem w/tip and mouthpiece installed. It’s large enough for storing any stem made by Dynavap or Dovetail Woodwork as well as many others. It can hold (1) vape and up to (6) tips. This case has (2) storage compartments as well as a loading tray carved into the top of the lid. It is also equipped with a single DynaMag on the lid top for stem display and to assist with cap removal. The Dynavap storage slot lays your vape flat and easily removable by pressing down on the tip which lifts your stem up to grab. The lid is held on by 8 strong magnets and easily slides off by simply pushing it aside.

Fits All Dynavap and Dovetail Stems except for the BB9. Fits stems with or without mouthpiece installed. Also fits Simrell models.

The coffin is made from a solid piece of multi-toned maple burl wood from Indiana along with metallic black resin. Also subtle swirls of metallic green and aqua have been added. 8 high strength magnets hold the lid tight to the case body. Lay your favorite Dynavap setup to rest in this coffin and bring it out to play once the sun goes down….

Like every piece that comes out of our shop, its made from only top quality domestic, exotic and burl wood that has been fully stabilized and cured making it very dense.

This is a storage case only and Does NOT include any stem or Dynavap parts.

*Outer Case Dimensions
6″ (Height)
2 & 1/4″ (Width)
1 & 1/2″ (Thickness)

The case in the photo is the exact one you will receive with this purchase.

Additional information

Weight10 oz
Dimensions8 × 6 × 2 in

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