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Vong(i) Dynavap Sleeve-Anodized Titanium Sleeve & High Temp O-Rings


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Vong(i) Custom Sleeve-Anodized Titanium Sleeve with (1) Set of High Temp O-Rings

The introduction of the new Dynavap Vong(i) has brought us a ton of new customization options from wood to resin, metal and more. The Vong(i) has an easily removable middle sleeve that can be swapped out quickly to whichever sleeve you feel like rockin any given day. 

Our sleeves are created to approximately the same specs as the titanium sleeve that comes standard with your new Vong(i). Simply remove one end of the Vong, remove titanium sleeve, slide on the new D.W. sleeve and pop the end piece back on. Simple and convenient.

This sleeve is a factory Dynavap titanium sleeve that’s been anodized. It’s been anodized to produce an overall gold color with all accents done in green. This device and sleeve setup is perfect for those who love air-ports and those who don’t, as you can simply twist the mouthpiece end to have the port hole active or inactive with just a quarter turn.

This is a sleeve only to be used with the Vong(i) and does NOT come with any Dynavap parts besides the set of o-rings. Parts can be ordered from us or Dynavap as well as others.

The sleeve in the photos is the exact one you will receive, unless specified otherwise here.

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Weight4 oz
Dimensions8 × 6 × 1 in

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