Titanium Tip: HELIX-Color Fade-Green to Aqua Anodized


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Titanium Tip: HELIX-Color Fade-Green to Aqua Anodized

The Helix Titanium Tip puts a new twist on design.  With an elevated, triple helix design, this tip is both lightweight and cool, especially when it comes to heat transfer.  The Helix is our lightest tip yet, weighing just over 3 grams.  We removed mass and created more surface area (where the traditional fins are), further reducing heat transfer to the stem.

Thicker chamber walls help to even out the roast and reduce hot spots. The 3 convection ports, combined with machined internal channels, assist with quick and even vapor extraction. The CCD can be positioned to adjust the chamber from full to half size, which is perfect for micro-dosing.

The gold-colored chamber is the result of a surface treatment that DynaVap developed, which makes titanium more durable and scratch resistance.

This tip has had the helical section anodized green with the top half is a light green/purple shade. Tip has a matte/semi-gloss finish. Comes with (1)Extra set of high-temp o-rings.

Compatible with all DynaVap devices, Dovetail Woodwork stems as well as Simrell, Joe King Co. and many other stems.

Tip comes with  titanium circumferential compression diffuser that’s been anodized aqua and high-temp o-rings. The anodized tip in the photos is the exact tip you will receive. Vapcap NOT included, but available to purchase here when in stock.


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