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Dynavap-Titanium Spinning Mouthpiece(2020)


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Dynavap-Titanium Spinning Mouthpiece(2020)

Solid medical grade Titanium, precision machined into a beautiful and functional spinning mouthpiece for DynaVap devices that helps provide a broader temperature gradient when heating.

Can be used with a Body length midsection and spins on a Standard SS or Ti Condenser (overall device length is 92mm) or a Stem length midsection which spins on an XL SS or Ti Condenser (overall device length is 109mm.)

Choose to have your titanium mouthpiece anodized by checking the appropriate box then choose the color from the color chart. We can also email to dial in the color scheme that meets your needs as well as doing multiple colors.



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Weight3 oz
Dimensions6 × 4 × 1 in

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