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Dynavap Spinning Mouthpiece-Blue Spalted Tamarind Wood


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Dynavap Spinning Mouthpiece-Blue Spalted Tamarind Wood

Finish Type: Gloss

This spinning mouthpiece is made from a solid piece of dye stabilized spalted tamarind wood. Dyed blue with streaks of naturally occurring black spalting patterns. As part of our new line of mouthpieces, this acts as a replacement or upgrade to your current stem setup. It operates in the same way as the factory wooden mouthpieces you get from Dynavap. It has been polished along with  precision drilled holes added to perfectly fit the condensers/o-rings.

Spinning Mouthpiece Specs                                                                                                         Overall length: Appx.  18mm                                                                                                        Closed off/Stem end:  11mm                                                                                                        Open end:  10mm

Style: Concave Sides (Similar to Dynavap wood mouthpieces)

Installation Instructions

  • Remove o-rings from condenser
  • Slide new mouthpiece towards the center of condenser
  • Install smaller o-ring to the far end of the condenser aligning with the grooves for the o-ring.
  • Slide mouthpiece all the way to the smaller o-ring
  • Then slide larger o-ring up to meet the large end of the mouthpiece, making sure to align o-ring with grooves on the condenser
  • Then install condenser with mouthpiece installed into the open end of your stem
  • Note: Adding a very small amount of our stem wax(or wax of your choosing) to the o-rings is recommended for ease of installation and removal. This is purely preference from person to person, but it can help with longevity of the o-rings as well as helping with easy o-ring/condenser removal.

* This order will Only contain the mouthpiece. Condensers, o-rings and tips sold separately here or from the Dynavap website and other outlets. Stems used in photo is just to show how it will look when connected to a stem.

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