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The Armored Cap/Dynavap VapCap(NEW) POLISHED VERSION


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The Armored Cap/Dynavap VapCap
High Gloss Polished Version

By popular demand, the Armored Cap is upon us. This upgrade to your dry herb vaping experience contains a Captive Cap encased in a stainless steel shell. Designed with torch users in mind the armored cap shines when heated slowly (without the need to spin) and is capable of full extractions in 1-2 heat cycles. These armored caps have been given a high gloss polish to add some shine to your setup.

The original geometry of the cap has been kept by machining grooves to locate your captivations and utilize the digger outer when needed. This product has a matte grey finish on stainless steel that will patina through usage. The additional mass in the cap allows for slower, longer, and more thorough extractions whether you’re on the couch or on the go. Unlike previous versions of the cap the Armored cap is preadjusted for fitment and designed to be a tighter fit on the tip to prevent the hot cap from falling off accidentally.

The Armored Cap may have gotten bigger, but the branding gets smaller. The machined captivations and logo placement can be used as a visual reference on device heating. The Armored Cap will fit in any DynaVap stash when assembled onto a device.

  • Higher mass for longer and further extraction
  • Standard captivations
  • Machined heating references

Induction Heater compatibility varies due to the increased diameter of the cap (12mm). When used with an induction heater it may require multiple heat cycles to achieve the same results as a torch. Does work with The Wand (no adaptor).

Notes from our shop: This newly released vapcap is definitely a game changer. While there’s obvious benifits to using either the standard or armored caps, this cap has some great features. Notably being:
– Thicker metal means more rigidity, won’t bend break or budge.
– Once cap is heated to proper temp(clicks), it stays heated longer giving more time for extraction without using torch as often.
– This cap is ideal for those who like to load a full chamber and extract the largest hits.

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