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Stainless Steel Dynavap XL Midsection – Color Tempered


Sold out!


Stainless Steel Dynavap XL Midsection
Stainless Steel Stem

Specs: Appx. 80mm total length
10mm Outer Diameter
Works with Dynavap parts, mouthpieces etc.

All metal midsection for the Dynavap

This is the first all metal dynavap midsection from our shop. Its XL length and fits the xl condensers w/o-rings. It also has been colored using a color tempering process. Using high temp heat changes the color of the stainless steel from yellow-gold all the way to purple-blue. This midsection has colors ranging from gold to teal and all the way to deep blue.

These metal stems can be used in the same way as the dynavap models as well as our wood hybrid stems. Just install condenser, o-rings and tip for normal use. It can also be used without the condenser, although the condenser helps a lot with keeping the outside temperature of the metal more cool to the touch.

You do have the option to have a carb port drilled into your stem. Just check the appropriate option box to have one added. This does not change the cost, but may add at most one day for getting your order shipped.

Note: Your order will only contain the midsection in the photo. It does not include any Dynavap parts i.e. condenser, o-rings, tips etc.

This size stem can be used with or without condenser. It also is fully compatible with dynavap xl condensers and a spinning mouthpieces. Then install tip with vapcap.

Additional information

Weight10 oz
Dimensions8 × 6 × 2 in