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Lightsaber Hilt/XL Dynavap Stem + Redheart Wood + Ebony M.P.


Sold out!


Lightsaber Hilt XL Dynavap Stem + Redheart Wood + Ebony M.P.

Series: High Class     Design: Lightsaber Hilt/Redheart & Ebony Wood            Air-port: Lightsaber Button Design                                                                                                                                                    

NOTE: With this order you will get the stem and mouthpiece from the photos. All you’ll need is a Dynavap tip, xl condenser and vapcap. Custom air-port is pre-installed.

Specs: Appx. 79mm total length(without m.p.)-96mm(with m.p.) 14mm taper for glass device compatibility.            Outer Diameter 14-15mm

Works with Dynavap parts, mouthpieces etc. Air-port is pre-installed.

Quality redheart wood XL length stem for Dynavap components. This stem has been created using using the lightsaber hilt or (handle) as it’s design theme. The concept for this design is courtesy of one of our loyal customers from their custom stem idea. It’s essentially my take on dynavap stem meets lightsaber hilt. Stem has been finished with a gloss finish on the ends and a matte finish in the design cut-out sections, which is all natural.

These are part of our new class of Dynavap stem upgrades that all have a slight chamfer or bevel at the ends of each side of the medical grade stainless steel linings. This allows for easy installation and removal of your dynavap condensers, tips and o-rings.

These are dynavap midsections (stems) that can be quickly swapped out from the standard Dynavap metal midsections. This stem is compatible with the XL condensers and o-rings with or without mouthpiece. It has a 14mm taper making it compatible with any glass pieces that have a 14mm hole for it to adapt to.

This midsection/stem is made from redheart wood and ebony wood m.p. It has a precision drilled hole that gets fitted with a very thin wall, stainless steel tube. This makes the stem perfectly compatible with the Dynavap parts as well as adding rigidity and weight making it feel nice when held. The weight also gives it the same feel when in use as your used to with the metal Dynavap midsections. Once the stem is created it then gets sanded and polished using our nature based polish/waxes. Everything made in our shop is hand crafted.

Note: Your order will only contain the stem and mouthpiece in the photos. Comes with matching mouthpiece. Dynavap XL condenser can be easily added to your order. Any mouthpieces both from us and Dynavap will work with all of our stems.

Compatible with the Dynavap XL condensers, o-rings and mouthpieces.

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Weight4 oz
Dimensions6 × 4 × 1 in

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