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Green/Black-Dovetail Woodwork Themed-Dynavap Stem Upgrade


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Dovetail Woodwork-Dynavap Midsection/Stem
Southern White Pine

Specs: Appx. 64mm total length
14mm Taper for glass device compatibility.
Works with dynavap parts,  mouthpieces etc.

These are Dynavap midsections (stems) that can be easily swapped out from the standard Dynavap metal midsections.

This stem is compatible with the standard or xl condensers(with mouthpiece) and o-rings. It has a 14mm taper making it compatible with any glass pieces that has a 14mm hole for it to adapt to.

This midsection is made from a solid pieces of white pine that’s been dye stabilized in strips then laminated together to produce a black/green striping affect. Colors chosen to represent our company colors.

After the sanding/polishing process, it then has a precision drilled hole that gets fitted with a stainless steel liner that’s equipt with chamfered ends for easy connection to your dynavap tips, condensers and o-rings. Everything made in our shop is hand crafted and we use only natural, non-toxic finishes/polishes. All of our stems now have a slight chamfer or bevel at the openings of the stainless steel lining so your Dynavap parts slide in and out easily while still staying tight and snug when in use.

You do have the option to have a carb port drilled into your stem. Just check the appropriate option box to have one added. This does not change the cost, but may add at most one day for getting your order shipped. We use a diamond shaped air-port as standard, but if you’d like a specially designed shape please email us as well as writing up your idea in the order comments box during purchase.

Note: Your order will only contain the midsection in the photo. It does not include any Dynavap parts i.e. condenser, o-rings, tips, etc. This stem, like all of our stems, will accept spinning mouthpieces. Any of our mouthpieces as well as ones from Dynavap will work with any of our stems.

Additional information

Weight3 oz
Dimensions8 × 6 × 2 in

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