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Dynavap XL Midsection – Luminescent Cosmic Burl Hybrid


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Luminescent Dynavap XL Midsection/Stem Elm Burl Hybrid                            Rare 2-Tone Elm Burl XL Hybrid Cosmic Burl

Specs: Appx. 80mm total length                                                                      14mm taper for glass device compatibility.

Works with all Dynavap parts, mouthpieces etc.

Two-tone elm burl hybrid XL midsection for Dynavap models.
Hybrid XL stem of stabilized elm burl and mixtures of metallic and translucent resin colors. Metallic blue, translucent purple and translucent black resin colors. This elm burl is rare in that it has both whitish yellow and rich brown tones together. Luminescents have been added to resins that glow both aqua and purple. Quick charge your piece using uv/blacklight or by standard indoor lighting as well as sunlight.

These are part of our new class of Dynavap Stems that all have a slight chamfer or bevel at the ends of each side of the stainless steel linings. This allows for easy installation and removal of your dynavap condensers, tips and o-rings.

These are dynavap midsections (stems) that can be quickly swapped out from the standard Dynavap metal midsections. This stem is compatible with the xl condensers and o-rings. It has a 14mm taper making it compatible with any glass pieces that have a 14mm hole for it to adapt to.

This midsection is made from a solid piece of elm burl that has been stabilized to fully harden the burl wood. This adds amazing color combinations to the already stunning burl wood as well as virtually eliminating expansion and contraction that naturally occurs in any type of wood. It then has a precision drilled hole that gets fitted with a stainless steel tube. This makes the stem perfectly compatible with the Dynavap parts as well as adding rigidity and weight making it feel nice when held. The weight also gives it the same feel when in use as your used to with the metal Dynavap midsections. Once the stem is created it then gets sanded and polished using natural, food safe polishes/waxes. Everything made in our shop is hand crafted.

You do have the option to have a carb port drilled into your stem. Just check the appropriate option box to have one added. This does not change the cost, but may add at most one day for getting your order shipped.

Note: Your order will only contain the midsection in the photo. It does Not include any Dynavap parts i.e. condenser, o-rings, tips etc.

Compatible with Dynavap standard or XL condensers, o-rings and mouthpieces.

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Weight3 oz
Dimensions8 × 6 × 2 in